An Interview with Steve Richards

Wow! Now I’ve been interviewed too! I’m beginning to feel like a real author ;D

So The Story Goes

Today we’re very excited to welcome our friend and author of the newly released Opus Angelicus, Steve Richards.

Steve Richards: Hello there, thank you for having me.

So The Story Goes: Thank you Steve for taking the time to visit with us. As fans of yours, we were so excited to learn of the release of Opus Angelicus. It’s such a beautifully written collection of erotic stories and we’re very pleased to share it with our readers.

SR: It’s my pleasure to be here and may I just say a huge thank you for the fabulous review you gave my work! I’m humbled by your praise and pleased beyond words that people like the stories I’ve written.

STSG: It is praise that is very well deserved for such great work.

When did you start writing? Have you always had a passion for it?

SR: Oh gosh, I’ve been writing little…

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Opus Angelicus by Steve Richards

Have a look at this fabulous review of my book!

So The Story Goes

We’ve always said that Twitter is a wellspring of talent, and today’s featured writer is no exception. Though he is no longer a resident of the Twitterverse, this is in fact where we first met him. It didn’t take long to figure out that Steve Richards is not only a delightfully charming and witty man, but also a magnificent writer.

Opus Angelicus is a compilation of short stories following a female character and her lover, Angel. But not just any lover. Oh no! We’re talking about every woman’s dream come true. Angel is quite literally, an angel.  Whenever she needs him, he is there. Angel exists solely for her. He is her protector, her confidant, her friend and her lover.

“I am an angel sent by God to love you, to watch over you and protect you. To pick you up when you fall, to keep you safe from all…

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An Important Announcement

The Angel has undergone some exciting changes – A Kindle edition of my collected stories is now available!

Other countries are available, please search on Amazon

I want to stress that there are no new stories in the book (they’ve just been collected and published in one convenient place), but they are no longer available to read online.

I would like to thank every one of you that have given up your time to read me, shown me nothing but love, support and encouragement and written to tell me how much you enjoyed my work.

Whilst the Angelicus stories are no longer online, if you’re interested in my other work you can find it here but be warned, it is very explicit!

Once again, thanks for dropping by and I’d really love it if you bought my book!

All content is copyright © Steve Richards