An Important Announcement

The Angel has undergone some exciting changes – A Kindle edition of my collected stories is now available!

Other countries are available, please search on Amazon

I want to stress that there are no new stories in the book (they’ve just been collected and published in one convenient place), but they are no longer available to read online.

I would like to thank every one of you that have given up your time to read me, shown me nothing but love, support and encouragement and written to tell me how much you enjoyed my work.

Whilst the Angelicus stories are no longer online, if you’re interested in my other work you can find it here but be warned, it is very explicit!

Once again, thanks for dropping by and I’d really love it if you bought my book!

All content is copyright © Steve Richards

5 thoughts on “An Important Announcement

  1. yourluna says:

    Congratulations Steve! I look forward to having this as part of my collection



  2. abbiefoxton says:

    Steve, so thrilled and you look so good on the cover 😉

  3. sw36 says:

    Mmmm…Angel is sure looking hot on the cover!! Super super proud of you sweetheart!!

  4. Magenta Nero says:

    excellent! congratulations and lots of love xxx

  5. cpmandara says:

    Now that is a glorious cover! Yummy.

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